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Cherry in Wonderland!

Oh my Gods guys!!!
I don't know really if you'd want to read too much about this, but Yesterday I did Shrooms!!!

Yesterday was such an absolutely beautiful day! Daniel had spent the whole morning at work, and I slept in. :P I had these mushrooms in the car from a purchase we had made a few days ago. I had never tried them, and really had no idea what to expect. I think overall that to try anything you should have company you trust. I was going to wait for Daniel to get off of work, and then maybe get some other frinds together for company. We had two eights with us almost all day. I ran into Jondy and Farrika and Chris. They were supposed to all be there with us, but Farrika and Chris eventually had to go take care of a meeting. They were at first going to have their bag and take them when we're all together later, or just give it back to Ryan. Farrika opted to leave them all with us to decide on what to do.
Daniel, Jondy and I all went to Lover's Point and baught these awesome good cheeseburgers. We put the shrooms in the two burgers and just ate them down. I actually only could tell by texture that they were in there. (By themselves I've heard they taste nasty, so I just decided not to find out how icky they could be.) We drank alot of water and loafed around waiting for our other friends to call us. Meh they were busy with Homework, so they didn't come. While I could drive still I took us all back to Daniel's house for a bowl while we wait for them to kick in. Jondy and I started feeling it first. Everything sounded Metallic, my vision was making me notice the little things around me, and eventually I started tripping! We had smoked the bowl dry and found this energy out of nowhere to go for a walk.
All three of us wandered to this very beautiful foresty park at the end of the block. Washington park is such a cool place! The sun was out and the dar was warm. Everything in the forest glowed with life. I could look everywhere and find something cool to look at. For a while things went 2D, the sun rays were cascading like Holy light through the trees. Birds made such charming little bell sounds, the blades of grass were huge and fuzzy. Eventually I realized the extent of my fucked up-ness when everything began changing size. Grass was huge, people were farther away than I thought, sounds carried for long periods of time, and I was seeing tracers and facial morphs on people. Jondy was my mirror imp for a long time, and Eventually Daniel and I were in an astral mirror of the God and Goddess.
While I was in the woods I felt connected to everything and I saw an immage of the 5 pointed star everywhere I looked. The Branches of trees would make the star. A tear in a spider web had the star, and eventually I was finding tree leaves shaped like it. I felt the presence of Fae. Daniel found one! Jondy and I had a little bit of a cat play going on for a while. Daniel joined in too, so basically we had a little bobcat and two lions. It's really interesting finding out what Animal best personlifies you when you're almost incapable of controling what that animal does. Woot!!! >^_^<
Never did I have so much fun! I did feel a little nausious when I stopped moving, and I was cold and pale. Although I did have a blast I think it's cool to remember that you aren't exactly doing your body any favors at this point. Mushrooms are poisonous.
We walked back to Daniel's house to go to the bathroom, and meet up with Chris and Farrika again at Ron's Liquors. By this time we had been tripping for about 3 hours. Still feeling it pretty well. It took us forever to walk down and back. Personally though this was my favorite time of night. Just when Dusk settles and the street lights come on. I love walking under the lights, and from a distance everything had a rainbow glow. When I walked under the light Jondy and Daniel were telling me how beautiful I was. I was blushing through it. We met up and walked with Chris and Farrike back home with a little more drive. Because we were all tripping and had absolutely no sense of time, we took alot longer getting there than otherwise. We all sat and smoked together at the house. Even Chris smoked some more! But eventually it hit us that we were too fucked up to smoke in pace with them.
The night settled in and time begins to come back to me. I have a few Cigaretts to calm myself. It felt good to be in Daniel's arms for a while more... Mommy called and I had to go home. I was more sober and everything stopped changing. But the rest of the night I had spent catching reality and seeing everything in a bright violet light...
I took a shower and made Maccaroni and Cheese to ease my stomach. No good sleeping when your last meal was poison. I called Daniel to get how he was feeling. We had a very cool time together. >~_^<

Whoah... what a Wonderland...

What's the best part about the bowl?

Da Cherry!
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