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Hello fellow stoners...
Hope your all feeling encompassed... I just had a thought; i mean, i smoke habitually- all day long, everyday right, but i still have the ability to talk about useful stuff! Come on people post some messages in here! This has the potential to be the best community eva- the name is already fab!
I was thinking of opening my own shop right- like a little community stoner, hippy hangout shop; one of those shops that stays open forever, and sells all things nice, and full of spice... burning insence all day long etc...
But! I know nothing about business! (Bit of a downside to the idea) so! does anybody here know anything about the knid of liscences or anything that i might need to get? I want to be able to hold workshops for peole to come and make stuff from clay, make soap... i also want to sell a limited amount of food- mainy just two home made specials... help me!!!!!!!

peace & love to all. Jo x
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