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A Big Step

A huge step. A giant leap forward. Am I scared? What's to be scared of? Who better to help me through then him? He's done it. He's done it for awhile now. He knows better than I do. He'll take me under his wing and show me how it's done. He'll guide me with all of the things he's learned over the past while. Everything he's currently been through, has only made him wiser. I hope for him to take that wisdom and educate me. He's already done so in showing me how to grow and helped me realize myself and everything I am.

How is it that something as beautiful as colour, is so despized?

Why is that we never let the rain drip down our face when our skin craves the flavor of each drop?

I have to contradict my own thoughts for a minute ... I don't believe in god b/c I cannot see him. I am a "See it to believe it" kind of personality. But love, can you see love? No, you can feel it, you can experience it, but you can't hold it, you can't touch it or even see it ... But I believe in it. I believe in love when I cannot see it ... does that mean that it is real? Does it mean love is just a figment of our imaginations? That our minds create it like it a does a greater being, so that we have something to look to or to give us hope that there is something to this pointless journey we place ourselves in the middle of?

Where is there a place that all the things bad I or anyone else has ever seen ... Just dissapears?

Who is going to save me and repair my broken wings? I think he just might be the one ...

How can I be sure? I think I am already sure ....

My love for him burns in his eyes ... It's an amazing site. I could see the burning in his eyes. I could see. I could see the burning in his eyes. I could see the burning of my love for him in his eyes. I am one step closer. I could see love ...
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